Leftoids speak with forked tongue.

It’s time to take back the English language. The collectivists in charge have been trying to get us to use their dictionary. No more!

Don’t call it a fetus. Call it what it is: a baby in the womb. Repeat it daily. In every discussion on abortion, call it a baby in the womb.

It he is a man, call him a man. XY chromosomes count. XX chromosomes count. Can a leopeard change his spots? Only chameleons and octopuses can do that. Humans can’t.

Are you a worm? No? Then you cannot be a hermaphrodite unless you are one of the one in a couple million that are born with organs that can pass as being of one or the other sex. And even then, ask: are you XY or XX? And acknowledge in your language that this is not a “normal” thing to be simply “accepted” or “affirmed” as applicable to “XX or XY people”.

Illegal entrants are knowingly violating U. S. law. I sympathize with them, I do not blame them one bit, but a brief look at property owners along the southern border will tell you what the libertarian position truly is –with a respectful nod toward Walter Block, whom I regard as one of the foremost contemporary Austrian economists and libertarians. My position is based on the fact that the illegal entrants are wreaking havoc on owners’ properties along the border, and that they don’t like cleaning up their mess or not being able to secure their properties.

“Welfare” is not welfare. Welfare is welfare. Government payments are shared loot and dependency policy, and vote purchasing.

I suggest referring to them as the “Dim Party” and “Rip Party”.

Call it the “One-World Kratocracy”, not the United Nations.

Call it the “World Health-limiting Agency” not the W. H. O.

The CDC is the Centers for Damage Control.

Call it tax extortion, not tax.

You can come up with better ones. The best ones will stick.

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