Remember the Chavista from 2009 who wanted to copy Chavez? Mad Mel is back!

There is an ongoing scandal happening in my wife’s natal country of Honduras.

Xiomara Castro, the wife of former president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya, recently won the presidential election in Honduras. The new Congress had a session a few days ago. The incoming “diputados” had an election for the president of Congress and everybody got a surprise. Instead of electing Mad Mel’s pick, they elected Cadiz, from the same (chavista) Libre party, to the post to preside over Congress.

Surprise! He wasn’t Xiomara’s pick. And Congress erupted. Some diputados climbed up to the seat of the chair and grabbed one of the guys on the dais by the shirt, some shoving and fighting ensued, and chaos! A lot of the elected Libre diputados voted with the Partido Nacional (that’s the more sensible one) to elect Cadiz. So he is the official legal one.

The swearing-in for Xiomara Castro was today. Kamala Harris was there, and so was the King of Spain.

The outgoing president stayed away, breaking with the tradition of the outgoing president handing over the presidential sash (the thing that drapes over the shoulder) to the incoming president. The president of El Salvador was going to attend but declined at the last moment. Almost nobody but Kamala and the King of Spain came.

My wife armed a loud scandal over the fact that to mark the occasion, the new presidential entourage took those two “honored guests” for a banquet at the open-air “people’s” diner, called Patio Tipico. My wife is so embarrassed for Honduras. The usual protocol is to bring them to the Presidential Palace.

To amplify the scandal, Xiomara Castro (what an apt last name), brought along her choice for president of the Congress and presented him as such to the visiting dignitaries. Reporters for the most serious TV channel in Honduras were scandalized by the venue. My wife says there are presidential facilities for such occasions.

I gotta say. Poor country. I stole away the National Treasure of Honduras (my wife).


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