Howard Dean compares Trump to Hitler? Oh yeah?

Howard Dean accusing Trump? (Not that Trump is any Ron Paul)

Who paid a foreign agent to gather dirt from Russia on the opposition party candidate? Who said he hated the smell of Walmart shoppers? Who does censorship of factual “misinformation” by control freak factions? Check. Who rounded up more than 600 political prisoners? Check. Who tortures those political prisoners with beatings like the one that blinded the victim in one eye? Who invited those subjects into the Reichstag by cops and harangued into it by Ray Epps and his agents provocateurs colleagues? Check. Who labeled the other-party voters as “domestic terrorists”. Check. Which party has a completely controlled and obedient press. Check. Operation Mockingbird. Check. Memphis syphilis experiments. Check. National socialism. Check. Plans for war against Russia. Check. For what purpose did the FBI have at least twelve agents and informants to gin up a fake flag operation in Michigan just before the 2020 election? With thousands of sworn affidavits (under penalty of perjury) with eyewitness testimony of criminal activity relating to the 2020 elections by elections officials in more than four swing states, and instantaneous drops of way over 100,000 Biden votes in the middle of 2020 election counting night, and evidence uncovered of count tampering in vote-counting computers, who did all that appear to benefit? What if Biden’s campaign boast in 2020 of the biggest and best election fraud operation in history was not just another dementia moment, but a “Freudian slip”? And why does everyone pretend it didn’t happen? Demobots ignoring it because it exposes the fact that they selected a man in stages of mental decline to govern, Reprobots because it was evidence of that plus they did not want to appear cruel to the elderly?

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