“Open Borders” is a government policy, not a “libertarian” government policy

Open Borders, as the term is currently used in political discussions these days, is better understood as a government policy having nothing to do with a libertarian society. Open Borders government policies interfere with private property rights.

To help clarify the point, consider that a true non-governmental, libertarian “Open Borders” policy would be blocking all persons from crossing the border at government-run checkpoints, and making them all do their border crossing through private properties. And allow private volunteers to enforce private property rights.

Property owners along the border would be the strongest blockers to border crossings. Including obviously Latinos. One or another border property owner would do some virtue signalling thing and say Come One, Come All, but before long he’d charge transit fees or just reverse course after all the littering and vandalism and theft and dealing with coyotes.

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