Honduras falls down

On November 28, 2021, Honduras has apparently elected leftist Xiomara Castro, spouse of discredited former president Manuel Zelaya who attempted an auto-coup in 2009 that was blocked when the Honduran Supreme Court ruled in favor of the petition by “Fiscal General” (equivalent to the U. S. Attorney General) to block his unconstitutional “referendum” to call for a constitutional convention.

There have already been infighting among the alliance of the two parties that won victory in that election, the socialist “Libre” party, and the the “Anti-corruption Party”.

The “Liberal Party” supported the removal of Zelaya in 2009 and transitional presidency of Roberto Micheletti, both of whom were of the same party. Zelaya’s crimes are listed in another blog post of mine elsewhere. The LIibre party was formed by followers of Manuel Zelaya.

The “Anti-corruption Party” was formed by Salvador Nasrallah, the most famous sportscaster in Honduras.

The “Libre” party, being of socialist principle and allied with the Chavez-Maduro regime in Venezuela, the post-Castro Communist regime in Cuba, and the regime headed by Daniel Ortega, who in earlier years served seven years behind bars for bank robbery.

In view of the lifetime dictatorships of the socialist regimes in those three countries, it is not pleasant news. My wife, from Honduras, is now disillusioned from the idea of ever retiring to Honduras.

I try to help her see the future that is forming up in the States, but it’s hard for Latinos to think the States are in the same category of trouble, even with the Biden-Harris regime in power and antifa Brownshirts and Only (Marxist) Black Lives Matter running rampant when they are sent to the streets by the same dark operators that sent “fellows of a baser sort” after Trump rallies in 2016.

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