January 6, 2022: Reichstag 2.0, American Remake

January 6, 2022 the actions in Washington, D. C. will go down in future history as a replay of Hitler’s sending thugs to burn down the German Reichstag to provide an excuse to grab totalitarian powers.

We keep hearing here and there about Trump supporters themselves resisting the provocations from people like Ray Epps to enter the Capitol building. There were of course way too many gullible, naive ones that did what they were told by these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Here is a link to another new example coming out about one guy who is quoted saying he did NOT like what he saw, which was doorways that were open, as if it were an invitation to demonstrators to enter.


Alex Jones is on video telling people to behave and stay outside the Capitol in the area that was permitted. He’s now in legal trouble because he was there. Roger Stone made the wise choice of refusing the Secret Service escort to the Capitol area that was offered to him. Maybe he suspected “Something rotten in Denmark” to borrow a phrase from The Bard.

More than one video show Ray Epps agitating demonstrators to “go into” the Capitol. There’s apparently no evidence he himself ever went in, but he sure did push for it. Revolver.com did an excellent job of compiling enough snippets from the videos that are public to show several people who were orchestrating the breach, resulting in Matt Goetz coining the word “fedsurrection” for what happened that day.

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