Drugs again? Remember Barry Seale and the dealing by Bill Clinton’s brother.

The CIA is the biggest drug trafficker in the country. It’s a big money-maker for them, plus a cover for a lot of the other illegal activities they carry out. The movie American Made starring Tom Cruise as Barry Seale was true-to-life, and followed the real-world events closely.

Seale set up with CIA backing outside a small town in Arkansas, while Bill Clinton was governor. I don’t know if his importing of massive amounts of cocaine from Colombia was related to the clandestine airport at Mena in Arkansas, used for landing drugs there, was related to Barry Seale’s operation, but the activity at Mena brought drugs in for Bill Clinton’s brother Bubba and his partner. Governor Clinton issued a pardon for the activity to the partner, but could not risk the political hazard of pardoning his own brother.

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