Staging for the Antichrist

Good writing, but remember, the rulers in EVERY COUNTRY in the WORLD laid on the Sars-COV-2 commands on the population to imprison yourselves in your houses, keep a good distance away from all your relatives, friends, co-workers and stringers, wear a muzzle over your nose and mouth to show your obedience.

Sweden was a shining counter-example. Some rulers got hip to the con and loosened up earlier than others, like Florida, But the rest that went all in, like we see in the West, shows that the New World “Governance” Order is farther along than we expected.

Pushback is in order, but like never before. But I think this looks like the preliminaries for the events of Revelation. The description of the Great Whore in Revelation 17 and 18 describe the United States, or at least the eastern seaboard or the California coast, pretty much perfectly, especially New York. Interesting that God puts it in the heart of the ten kings that get power with the Beast to destroy the Whore with fire.

Then comes Revelation 13 and “no man shall buy or sell save he that hath the mark”. Yep, they’re training the masses now for that time.

Time for those who haven’t been alert to look at the signs of the times and pray up with Jesus.

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