Time’s Up

The US has zero time left.

The Oligarch Cabal has taken over the Democratic Party, the (Establishment-wing of the) Republican Party, the major news media and press for the masses, the universities, the schools, the federal government bureaucracy, most Christian churches, most state government bureaucracies, almost all big-sized corporations, most NGO’s, all inter-government organizations, most professional organizations, almost all the entertainment industry, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and dominates mass consumption Internet.

What was known as The United States of America is gone, even the bastardized unconstitutional form it took after Abraham Lincoln’s unconstitutional war against secession. The war to end slavery was a fraud, to cover for a war to set up the free for enslavement.

The blow that killed the Republic was done in the 1950s and 1960s when SCOTUS threw prayer, Bibles and Ten Commandment plaques out of schools and expelled God from public life. A few whimpers from politicians and Christians, who forthwith went back to their daily routines. Nobody in Congress even proposed legislation to remove the subject from federal court jurisdiction, which would have been totally constitutional to override such an abominable ruling. It would have worked also to ban federal courts from ruling on any case involving prenatal infanticide, a solution that Ron Paul proposed every year he was in Congress.

I was with the strongest movement among the Jesus People in the 1970s, and we warned America of its fall for rejecting God. Yes, churches did too. And just like Romans One spells out, that’s the first step and in that chapter it explains that God gives such over “to a reprobate mind” such that men’s lust burns for men, and women do “unnatural” things too. That’s fulfilled.

All that remains is the alliance of ten kings as in Revelation 17 and 18 that share power “one hour” with the Beast, and GOD puts it in their hearts to burn the Whore with fire. Guess what nation (or city) is the center of economic power (as described in chapter 17 and 18) of the world, and the one remaining power that could conceivably be strong enough to resist a world government of the Beast?

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