Open source is NOT socialist

Open source is neither directly nor indirectly socialist, in the common sense used today. One definition at merriam-webster applies to the kind of sharing the early Christians had as described in Acts 2 and Acts 4, which was a voluntary sharing. That was even stronger than today’s “socialists” advocate, because even the shirt one wore was communal property.

Open Source a based on the philosophy that ideas are not personal property in the same sense as your body, or your shirt, or your house. Government meddling in “intellectual property” has not led to more innovation overall, but to stifling. A major percentage of patents granted today are “defensive patents”, meaning ideas that are so obvious or commonly used that a corporation decides to get the patent on it just so they can keep using it, but they don’t even bother enforcing it. OR, they use it to make mutual agreements to share a pool of them to avoid costly trouble.

Richard Stallman’s “free software” as in “free speech not free beer”, is a little bit “stronger” in preventing including open source in an opaque proprietary software. Mac’s OS is like that, a derivative of BSD but where the code is not transparently available.


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