Down with the White Supremacists! Hear me out..

What white privilege?

Soros, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Jim Comey, those guys have “white privilege” but they don’t share it with us plebes. Clueless. A billionaire president can’t say what he thinks in the government-front social media forums, what kind of privilege is that?

Who are the white supremacists anyway?

Maybe it’s somebody who said blacks were simply inferior and it is unfair to expect them to compete against white people. And that’s why they should live separately from white people. And that’s why they should be resettled to Africa. And said so to a group of blacks that visited him once upon a time.

Yes, somebody who says whites are superior, and supported segregation and an ethnic cleansing of the country as a “humane” solution to the inferiority of dark-skinned folks.

That somebody was Abraham Lincoln, and today’s zombie “woke” SJW’s, antifa, BLM, and their comrades in power agree. The policy is the same. It’s not fair to make them compete or become doctors on merit.

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