Was this a Deep State operation?

A retired FBI guy says he saw busloads of antifa come into the capital. Some videos of the crowd outside the building before the breach looks like most of he Trump supporters were trying to stop the breaking in, yelling “Stop it” and “Stop antifa!”, “That’s antifa!”. One guy in a MAGA hat threw one of the window-breakers down to the ground.

How much you wanna bet the antifa boys were never arrested, or charged? An YES IT’S WHAT A DEEP STATE OPERATION WOULD LOOK LIKE, and with Congress poised for it too.

They did not want the evidence to get broadcast in the debates to object to it. The vote was a given, but this was their way to censor it and to demoralize the congressmen who were set to object. When they got back to the floor, Matt Geitz laid it all out. I can guarantee you they were all under threat. Hawley is one of the loudest, whence the big scare party in front of his DC house. DC not Missouri, where he was, to make the threat to family all the more strong.

And it was a psy-op meant also to scare any reluctant congressmen into compliance. I was surprised Rand Paul went along with it, but remember Paul’s cracked ribs. I do not think that was just a random neighbor thing. I think he got something for his troubles. I think he expressed remorse, but I don’t know that for sure.

The Capitol police basically ushered them in, removing barriers for them. One video shows one of them chasing a cop who is (obvious to me) pretending to threaten them with a baton while leading his pursuer up the stairs. The Capitol Police were not properly prepared. The top cop has resigned, so now nobody in Mockingbird Operation Media is going to be asking hm why he thought they should be so unprepared. But nobody is going to ask Mayor Bowser either, why, since she must agree that Trump is a dictator who wants to cling to power, and his radical violent supporters are systemic racists, why would she not want to swarm the entire Capital with armed security? The Dems gamed that scenario all along remember.

So why didn’t all the Dem shills who’ve been yelling Trump will try to stay in power, why didn’t they warn Bowser of what they knew? As soon as the polls made obvious that all the riots were hurting Biden’s campaign, why did the riots stop right then?

And why did the breakin happen right when they were about to start debate? With a dozen objectors left to make the case ON NETWORK TV?

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