such a time as this

So everything is different now.

It is time to accelerate all efforts to spread the Gospel, now more than ever. Get educated in all the Christian issues.

That applies even if you are in one the churches that preaches complete obedience to the state.

But for those who do not put their trust in man, whose breath is in his nostrils, but in God, it is even more important to teach others who can teach others and lead them to service in Christ.

Brother Andrew wrote of his visits to the churches in Czechoslovakia during the short time that Dubcek was head of the state, the Prague Spring I think it was called. Then the Soviet tanks invaded. He quickly returned, and called them to account for not using the time of the flaw to spread the Gospel and win souls.

He lit a fire in their bellies and they went out to the Soviet army soldiers and started sharing food and desserts with them and share salvation with them, bringing them blankets and other gifts.

The effect was electric. The love they shared with those soldiers had so much impact that the generals rotated the entire occupation force, replaced all of them, and issued orders of a strict ban on fraternizing with the citizens.

Say not ye there are yet four months to harvest (John 4:35), because there is coming, not only the “Dark Winter” that Joe Biden “promised” for us (as in “Please beat me again”), but a dark year and a dark decade.

God is in control, and “they that do know their God shall do exploits” in the near future now, but it will be much more difficult and much more dangerous to witness. Look at all votes in the Congress. This should let us know that it is time to drop out of the “system” and spread the truth and power of the Word of God.

And learn prophecy, but divide rightly the word of God. Dispense with dispensationalism!

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