Election pranks

I’ve been following Bev Harris’ work ever since I first heard about it, because she was sounding the same alarm I was to anybody who cared to listen about the “solution” for the “spectacle” of the butterfly ballots in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the “hanging chads” in South Florida ballots, during the 2000 presidential election.

She wrote a book about it, “Black Box Voting”, available free for download from the web site of the organization she founded:


The use of computers used for voting and for counting, both, in elections, is nothing new, and there have been many politicians in BOTH major parties who have apparently benefited from it.

The most obvious and widespread instance of this happened in the 2020 presidential election, with the blatant election law violations, and evident vote switching proven by the foremost statisticians using time-stamped count tallies published on web sites like the New York Times. And while one major party demands investigations and audits, the other demands you believe the counts in spite of the facts publicly known and available.

Corrections in past elections have affected both major parties. And those are just the ones that were caught.

Read the book for a very long parade of examples.

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