Abominable masks

My bedroom has one window and one door. When both are closed at night, and I forget to make sure the window is opened even a little, like an inch, I get headaches. They wake me up in the middle of the night, the air feels “stuffy” and I now know to open the window.

Wearing a mask is like that. Puts your expired CO2 right back into your lungs, and reduces the oxygen coming in.

I used to watch a series called “The Good Doctor”, about a high-functioning doctor interning who is has high-function autism. The new season’s first show, in the very first seconds, showed a completely black background and a thick big message that said “Mask up, people!”. Then it went into a brief clip of somebody sent home who had flu symptoms, only to return to the hospital and almost dying from of course coronavirus.

I am done forever with that show. Another one, Bull, about a “trial scientist”, did better, not so in-your-face, and at least stuck in a quick quote from one of the characters that they had “heard” that masks don’t do anything, but there they go, often wearing their masks. Done with that one too.

Some medical writers are wondering where the flu season went. OF course they went into the SARS-COV-2 numbers!

How about if you HAVE to wear a mask, one that says “I WANT TO SEE YOUR SMILE”. A fast food chain used that in commercials once.


One Response to “Abominable masks”

  1. Helena Says:

    Twitter is dumping every account. Google has deactivated Parler and GAB. Gmail may be next along with facebook to silence all MAGA’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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