Beware lies about “cults” by the biggest cult

Rose McGowan knows nothing about life in “The Family”. Her parents quit the group when she was FIVE years old, and some of her comments show that her memories are at best fuzzy. I’ve known active members up close, and former members, and as a former member a long time ago, I can tell you that the ones that left, for almost all of them it was for matters of personal grudges against following regular rules, holding up their end of the work load, complaints over food, and other trivial things, and in some cases they have been victims of deprogrammers, scum of the earth who hire out to rich parents of ADULT children to kidnap them, lock them up in a room, apply 1984 psy warfare tactics against them. One of the first of them warned fellow thugs to “take away their specially marked Bibles” the first thing.

A lot of ex-members, a LOT of them, were also excommunicated for the very behaviors that they are accused of. One CBS crew facilitated a kidnapping from a father of children the mother had intentionally abandoned when she left.

In the 1980s, ALL their homes were raided, the parents taken into custody, and ALL the children separated and interviewed by social workers. EVERY LAST ONE of those workers reported that the children were healthier medically and psychologically than the general population, and that there was ZERO abuse of ANY kind. The judge threw those workers out but the second group concluded the same thing.

What about the abuses perpetrated upon children in public schools? The bullying, telling them to listen to strangers’ ideas instead of their parents, the kiidnapping of kids based on anonymous tips and lies?

The kids that were forcibly kidnapped from their kids in East Texas by “legitimate” authorities, egged on by people who hate non-conformists who just want to be left alone. Control freaks must be controlled!

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