Talk back.. Use their own words..

Here’s an idea, turn their Alinsky tactics back.

When they talk about racism, shoot back about the racist Middle East wars against brown Muslims and the beheading of brownish Christians. Bush started two of those wars, Obama-Biden-Clinton added five more, and they made Libya a safe haven for open-air auctions of black slaves. If they’re so compassionate about border jumpers (among whom I have in-laws I love), why aren’t they donating to missions?

When they talk about “white privilege”, ask them why they support CLASS PRIVILEGE of plutocrats pitting one racial group against another. Ask them what happens to “white trash”? Blare your horn whenever a “white privileged” antifa punk beats on a black man. Or the black woman at the Washington D. C. rally who was wearing at Trump shirt.

Ask them whether Martin Luther King supported white privilege when he said we should consider a man’s character, not the color of his skin.

I remember as a kid at the doctor’s office in those days in our very poor neighborhood, and the black folks there talking about how MLK was talking about poor white folk.

A lot of Latin immigrants like my wife come from countries that are being attacked by left-fascist mobs, led by the likes of “piti-Chavez”, mini-Chavez Manuel Zelaya, the titular head of his auto-coup effort against his own elected government. My wife saw video of the riots and arsons and attacks on people in cities across the land and does not want a repeat of that here.

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