Why Do I Call Them the Mockingbird Media?

Mockingbird Media. That’s what I’ve been calling them for years. Swamp Media works too, but Mockingbird exposes them for the State Department house organs they are. The CIA is part of the State Department, remember. And from the days of now vindicated Joe McCarthy, it is ideological “leftists”, statists, plutocrat operatives who dominate it.

That’s why I don’t believe for a minute they actually supported Honduras’ LEGAL removal of Manuel Zelaya from the presidential palace in 2009. Zelaya’s was his own auto-coup to overthrow the Honduran constitutional order, supported publicly in Honduras by the U. S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens. A convenient puppet who was at the Caribbean-Central American presidential summit conference in Sto. Domingo in 2008 where George Soros was the keynote speaker. And from there “Purga Mel” returned to Honduras and immediately implemented the plan for a lifetime autocracy.

And the world’s media and governments were united against the people of Honduras and refused to report the facts. But like hero Micheletti said, they were willing to get cut off from the world and eat their beans and rice. He told Hillary Clinton to go pound sand. His visa to the States revoked, he spat on that.

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