Ayyadurai video: Plotting (X+Y) against X is a valid comparison

Mr. Rozeff,

(It’s been awhile but my major was Math in college.. FWIW)

I went to the video you linked to with the rebuttal to Ayyadurai’s video about note-shifting.


It is valid to say, for example, that the difference between numbers of oranges and numbers of apples can be plotted against the numbers of apples. In many cases it is informative.

I have seen the Math guy’s rebuttal to Ayyadurai, but there he has posted a rebuttal to the rebuttal. I had trouble finding the link. If I find it I’ll post, and I hope I come across it. Youtube was no help at all for finding it.

By the way, Youtube’s little insertions about how elections systems are so robust is so annoying. They might as well post a message that says “You’re stupid!”

Alan Cassidy

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