Coronavirus, Digital Currency, vaccination and we saw this coming 2000 years ago

Bill Sardi has just written one of the most important articles to date:

Bible scholars and most (some?) evangelicals will recognize that the evident soon ban on cash, replaced with a completely digital system, is the closest thing you can come to setting up for a monetary exchange system closest to the prophecy in the book of Revelation chapter 13 of the Mark of the Beast, without actually grooving the mark into the right hand or the forehead.

But make no mistake, Bill Sardi, they’ve been working on that for a long time. In the first decade of this century there was a brief propaganda effort to make embedded microchips seem like a wonderful thing for families. They showcased a family of four, standard Ozzie and Harriet model, all of whose members took an implanted chip that they used to open garage doors, gain entrance to places, as a security measure to unlock their electronic devices, and more. A big smiley face.

A “Popular” branded magazine in the 1990s even talked about microchips and the digital revolution and the last paragraph conclusion posed how wonderful it would be to have a chip implanted in the brain to get access to all the world’s knowledge. Bill Gates is pushing the personal identifying system called ID2020, which is precisely the idea of a chip injected into the skin as evidence of vaccination against COVID-19.

This Covid virus has been exposed with the new CDC admission on its web site to be a major hoax and cover for somethng else, because they admit now that the death toll in these United States from just COVID is under 10,000!

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