History is the real target of the rioting Marxists

There were about 6,000 blacks who fought for the SOUTH in the War Between the States.

St. Patrick is my favorite slave story from history. Along with bringing Christ and a love of literacy and books to Ireland, he shamed England and Ireland into abandoning the practice of raiding each others’ coasts for youth to kidnap as slaves (of which he was one).

The author of Amazing Grace was John Newton, who was a slave trader who repented of his care-free life when a very fierce storm hit his ship while returning to England, and not only gave up the slave trade but was so repentant that he wrote the song.

One of the grounds for the war on the Barbary Coast soon after the indepence of the States was that the Moors of North Africa were capturing American (as well as European) ships for both contraband and the crew for slaves. Mostly white slaves of Christ.

Slavery exists today. If the organized Marxist leadership of the fascist BLM and “antifa” movements cared about slavery, they would be demanding Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s heads for supporting ISIS in overthrowing Ghadaffi and making Libya safe for open-air slave auctions again in Libya.

If they were concerned about racism, they would add Bush and Obama to the evil person gallery for Bush’s two wars and Obama’s five more. And Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright’s attacks on former Yugoslav states and their genocides in Iraq.

Oh, yeah, and Chicago’s black lives too.

And if the Operation Mockingbird Media was really the caring bunch as they claim, they’d explode the cover on the official COVID lies. But that might break the spell of the gullible crowd they’ve gaslighted into foot soldiers in the war on history and Christianity.

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