Another cognitive dissonance of the lapdogs of the Parasite Class

The Parasite Class, Orwell’s “Inner Party”, know they’re changing their story all the time. They lie, cheat, steal like Pompeo said they taught classes on at the CIA.

Here’s another one. When Trump said during the campaign that he could murder someone in the middle of Time Square and his supporters would still follow him, Parasite Class Media said this was terrible. Some of them said he might be right about his deplorables. Level-headed thinkers saw it for what it was, another uttering of hyperbole from a bloviating narcissist, blah blah.

But these years since the 2016 election have seen those very same fantasies from the same crowd about doing those things to Trump and to his followers.

Here’s another. When Trump criticizes the Media (by which I include the Press), these thought minders told their audience that he was a danger to press freedom. They said it repeatedly, often, even hourly, and everywhere, with one single mind. Again and again, loudly. As if they did not believe it.

But now they shout down advocates of freedom, of free markets, free thinkers, and dissenters with all kinds of personal insults.

It is enough to drive Pavlov’s dogs insane.




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