Somebody please set Bergoglio straight

Bergoglio, “just happened” to get “elected” Pope by the cardinals, after Pope Benedict’s “swift” abdication that followed a blocking by the SWIFT clearinghouse busybodies, has said that “money is the devil’s dung”.

That’s interesting. Somebody should ask Bergoglio what the Vatican is going to with at least $700 billion of the “devil’s dung” in their possession.

And while you’re at it, since he said it is the duty of all Catholics to “obey the United Nations”, ask him whether it Paul really asked the Sanhedrin (rhetorically of course) whether they should obey man, or God? Preface the question with reference to the UN push for universal abortion and compulsory contraception, and their push against motherhood with their population control policies, and the UN push to force acceptance of LGBTQ special privileges, like banning of any speech that questions these Romans One deviations from biological science.

A story goes around about a father who explained to his son that his membership in the Communist Party in the Soviet Union was like a radish: red on the outside, white on the inside. In the days of the Cold War, and still today, “red” is considered the color of the Communists and the Socialist International. I’ve wondered about that map that suddenly appeared on the Internet contrasting counties Republican-majority votes with Democrat-majority votes with the colors really backwards.

Bergoglio, why do you cling to so much devil’s dung?


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