Libertarians and Christians

The “tactic” of breaking any law you choose to has been soundly and roundly blasted by most libertarian thinkers. It’s counterproductive. Ron Paul showed much more effective strategy.

And libertarian Christians are armed with the love of God and the truth. BUT some civil disobedience is effective as in the kinds of laws that Martin Luther King broke and advocated.

Competing with the drug cartels (including the CIA) is so dangerous and fraught with gangs that compete against the biggest gang in Washington, that’s plumb crazy. Go figure, the biggest lobbies against marijuana legalization in Colorado were law enforcement agencies and the Mob.

Alternative currency is used by anybody. It’s been de facto recognized even. But do your research.

A very, very large number of libertarians like myself oppose illegal entry as it is today. Right now, it is a massively subsidized operation, with financing from billionaire money interested in taking more power, like George Soros and the Kochs. By subsidized I mean both the internal welfare magnet of freebies at your expense, and actual NGO money directly or indirectly driven and organized as a pure leftist operation. It is a push to establish a one-party power regime in the States. Because the globalist fascist Left is impatient and they see nationalist movements as a threat to the totalitarian regime they plan for. Their idea is to overwhelm the election numbers with pliant groups that don’t have the cultural legacy of the Bill of Rights.

With private property, there will be no such thing as “open borders” at all. Property owners set the rules. Right now, the ranchers with land on the border are powerless by orders of the federal government.

Subsistence farming is a good idea for those who want to do it. One family in Tennessee got completely, 100 percent off the grid. No utilities. They were fined by the local authorities under some bogus pretext. But they won their case, IIRC.

Tax evasion. Never mind every parliament and congress in the world evades taxes by law, like Nigel Farage pointed out so well in the video that went viral of a speech he made in the European Parliament.


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