Who is Antifa?

Fascists and socialists are the same thing. (Including the Nazis of course)

Mussolini started out in the Communist Party in Italy.

They both hate capitalism with the same passion, and they say so.

They both love to disarm the entire population, except for their loyal partisans.

They vet their partisans, and everybody else.

They both hate religious freedom. Sometimes they claim to be atheist, sometimes (as with Hitler) occult.

Both make a practice of organizing enforcer groups. Informants and the secret police in the Soviet republics, “bolivarian” Chavista thugs, block informant partisans in Cuba, and now the leftists that have infiltrated in high places of government and BIG business and culture, proving too late that Joe McCarthy was right. ==> Antifa is just another band of bullies, enforcers for Deep State and Serfdom Media.

Make no mistake. Antifa is billionaire-financed, and “woke”-fascist organizers and agents provocateurs who stay in the background with the cooperation of Mockingbird Media.


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