Marriage and homosexuality in the Bible

Marriage: The questions asked of Christ about marriage by the Saducees, who didn’t believe in the Resurrection (so says the word of God), and Christ’s answers, make it very clear that marriage then is very similar to the idea that most Christians have when they use the word “marriage”. It’s true that almost all marriages were common-law until “the (generic) State” seized on the concept and arrogated itself authority over marriage.

Evangelicals from my memory commit a horrible sin when they say “by the power vested in me by the state of New York” I pronounce you, blah blah. Government has no business in the business of marriage. If they didn’t, then sodomites and their fellows among cross-dressers and genital mutilation advocates would have no incentive to use the aggressive force monopoly against the rest of us for support. Blatant loud bloggers would have no case, like saying there are 10,000 benefits that married couples enjoy that “gays” cannot (at the time he said that the courts had not upended the laws on homosexuality yet).

No matter when somebody first coined the word “homosexuality”, it was a known practice in some places. And there were plenty of words for it. NOBODY can say it isn’t mentioned in the Bible, everybody always knew what SODOMY meant. Paul was very clear in the description of it in Romans 1, when he talked about men burning in lust:

“And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Romans 1:27.

What existed in the King James Bible is the word “sodomy”. Changing that to “homosexuality” sounds like some academic like the pedophile researcher Kinsey, who writes about babies being sexually stimulated to the point of convulsions. Who tilted the numbers in favor of “gays” by adding a lot of interviews done in gay bars.

Everybody also knows that in places where sexual intercourse is mentioned, “know” is used as a euphemism for SEX. So-and-so “knew her, and she bore a son”. When a gang of men gathered outside Lot’s house in Sodom, and insisted on having them come out so they could “know” them, they weren’t talking about going somewhere for a beer. We all know that.

That the word wasn’t known is a copout. The word “dinosaur” isn’t in the King James Bible either. That’s because they had no clue how to translate the word for them they came across in the book of Job. But they refused to do what the liars and DECEIVERS of today’s modern “translations” have done, and make up animals it might have been according to their Darwinian doctrines. The KJB translators TRANSLITERATED the word, and then went on to faithfully translate the description. The KJB scholars probably even realized this was an animal outside their experience. Look up the description Job of “Behemoth”. But you can’t trust even the descriptions from 20th and 21st century translations.

As to marriage, the Saducees asked Jesus about who was the husband in heaven of the seven-times widowed and remarried woman and Jesus responded wisely, but this –and other passages– show very clearly what was expected of married couples here on earth. whatever words they used.

They had “betrothals” of couples then, but usually it was what is still called “common-law” marriage today. The rules are very clear in both the Torah and Tanukh and in the New Testament. The word “adultery” and “fornication” get frequent use in the Bible and their definition depends on what is natural marriage, man and woman. Modern translators mostly refuse to use the words. Somebody wrote once that Pastor Cole (a call-in program for Bible questions on Moody Radio) one time could not find anywhere in the Bible where it condemned adultery.

Of course sex is not as Puritan as the Puritans considered it, even though their modern reputation is not fair to them at all.

Just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

This is what happens when graduates of modern divinity schools take charge of translations of the Bible. Lots of filthy lucre to be had in copyright laws by changing a percentage of the Bible’s words, heaping God’s condemnations and judgments upon themselves as warned about in Revelation and in Jesus’ teachings. He even rebuked the Pharisees for not knowing the scriptures, despite the fact that most of them had the complete Torah perfectly memorized and much of the Tanukh.

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