Demand Peace Not War

The founder of the Constitution Party said, if you defund the Left, it collapses. Expose the federalized student load racket for what it is, direct subsidies to universities. Proclaim their one-percenter endowment funds, and the subversion of many of them to the service of Edward Bernays’ vision of planting controls in the minds of the masses. He is known as the father of propaganda. The CIA has taken that vision to whole new applied levels.

And yet they still failed at getting their desired result in 2016. They were impaired in part by the strictures that secret societies put on their hierarchies. They hate meritocracy. Hillary Clinton counted on her covert network and the sycophants in the Propaganda Media, Operation Mockingbird Media, to compensate.

So #1. Say it loud, say it often, defund subsidies to the universities. Shame them for prostrating themselves to the the oligarchs, American, British, Hungarian. Hungary itself has already kicked Soros operatives out.

Now #2. Whoever you be, boldly call for a return to reality in science, nature, decency, and logic. And language.

#3. Blast away at the tyrannical attack on language. Genders in pronouns are naturally based on physiology. When the psychology does not match the physiology or other reality, psychiatrists call this condition “insanity”. Then at some point, a small group of (probably) sodomites had homosexuality removed as abnormal in psychiatry dictionaries. Then many years later, they finally have “homophobia” in their Newspeak dictionary.

Remember Newspeak, from the Orwell novel “1984”? Insist on keeping the English language grounded in reality.

#4. Boldly join the voices that unmask this gender fluidity nonsense as exactly that. Boys are made different from girls. Male homosexuals are generally just as promiscuous as “straight” men, and lesbians generally are not so much so, and engage in much fewer partners.

#5. Remind them all of the Gramsci operation.

#6. Blast away at the climate hysterics. Global warming was changed to “climate change” to cover for the climate’s insistence on stabilizing, about 20 years now and counting, and even cooling a bit. Gore said by 2010 the Himalayas would be snow-free, and the Arctic ice cap would be almost gone. But as things go, Gore is almost gone now, the Himalayas are as cold and ice-covered as ever, Greenland’s glaciers are thickening, and polar bear numbers are exploding. Quick, somebody call zero-growth Paul Ehrlich! He himself recanted, sort of saying his book backfired, because the “wrong people” had stopped having kids. He wanted the book to get the elites going in sterilizing the poor, not the rich.

Like the scientist interviewed in the last issue of Omni Magazine, who said they should sooner than later force the poor countries to depopulate! The guy apologetically had five children himself!

These vain elites always are “Do as I tell you, not as I do”. Jesus, about the Pharisees: “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.”

==> The Emperor has no clothes. Jesus said, “If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin”. Naked before God.

MAGIC BULLET AGAINST CLIMATE PROPAGANDA: ==> Point to the real energy alternatives that show real-world promise for what the Green Hustlers say they want, but do not, but do lie. People at the New Energy Foundation, created by Eugene Mallove. Mallove was the author of “Fire From Ice” about the discovery by Fleischmann and Pons, of Low Energy [possibly] Nuclear Reactions, LENR.

==> The advocates of such promising research are found at, home of Infinite Energy Magazine. See their eulogy pages on Mallove, and letters written by Mallove to every member of Congress and the president, and Andrew Clarke’s endorsement of the effort.

#7. Get education free from government strangulation. Cut off the seduction of subsidies. Government money means government indoctrination. It’s so bad today that the overwhelming majority of the populace cannot get their minds wrapped around a government to protect them and support them. Even Christians, who used to know they had to trust in God for these things, and put not his trust in men or horses, whose breath is in their nostrils..

#8. Tell the truth about Big Pharma. How they got government pimps (aka politicians and bureaucrats) to make vaccines mandatory. They’ve already damaged my granddaughter with a dozen vaccines, one of them they injected right at birth, to the horror of her paternal grandparents, both medical professionals. Repeat it loud and clear, visit the web page for memorials to vaccine victims:

a project of the National Vaccine Information Center.

#9. Expose the hell out of intelligence agency lies. Pompeo admitted in a public forum, at the CIA they teach recruits to “lie, cheat, steal”. Big joke. He didn’t mention killing, though, oh no. In the Deep State approved movie “Sneakers” they even had the former CIA guy played by Danny Glover, saying “The CIA doesn’t kill people”.

The Martin Luther King family won a lawsuit against the United States government for the Martin Luther King assassination, and the cover-up following. So proven in court, so now more than a theory. James Earl Ray was a patsy, played the fool for the rap. How many people have heard about this.

Who to believe? The fall of the Soviet Union caught the CIA completely by surprise.

WMD’s in Iraq were proven to be a lie, used to justify the invasion to topple the guy that some reports claimed had received chemical agents from American companies that he used against the Kurds. In any case, the guy treated Christians much better than they U.S.-installed regime and successors in how they treated Christians in the country.

That’s what Brother Andrew of Open Doors ministry warned about, and begged them not to invade. They did anyway, and Christians have paid the price. Their population decimated. Some in the CIA probably warned about the blowback principle. Blocked at higher Deep State levels.

At least Stratfor was kind of honest in its public statements in the build-up of the invasion of Afghanistan, warning that the best strategy was to overthrow the renegade government, declare victory, and get out. They warned against the nation-building that George W. Bush had promised he would never do and did anyway. Surprised?

These agencies also promoted what is getting exposed as one of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated on the people they are supposed to be working for, the political Russiagate operation. John Dean, who turns out was the real criminal of Watergate, would have dreamed of having the clout that Brennan had in the Obama administration to execute an election result, and failing that, a coup.

Shout this one loud: A year plus after Trump ordered the revocation of Brennan’s security clearance (with Rand Paul as witness, among others), Brennan, still has that clearance, despite the now common knowledge that he criminally abused his official duties. Yes, the Democrat Party fully knows this, they know it was a fake operation the whole time, three years going, but they are fully and happily subordinate.

They’re going for power in a broken nation, one that they are helping to sink. The deficits, the debt, government surveillance, bankrupt, military forces dispersed across 150 countries, and debilitated, an intelligence agencies more interested in maintaining themselves in power and clout than in doing their duty, all are converging on some dramatic moment when the world realizes that the United States has become the actual “paper tiger” of Mao’s epithets.

The dollar, the Fed, are now clueless as to how to run the economy. Nobody can. They can’t let go and leave it to a free market where individuals and families make their own decisions.

God help us. Get to a safe place if you can. Research. God is in control, he is not mocked.

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