Are there any hate hoaxes?


hate hoaxes

The recent event in March in New Zealand where 49 people were killed at two mosques. It filled the news cycle on the major news networks in the United States and around the world for several days. They loudly and repeatedly call the perpetrator a “white supremacist”, based on his manifesto on a web page. But he also said he was an atheist, and he said his purpose in his chosen killing method was to push the Democratic Party to do more gun control. So of course the Democrats did just that, and so did the New Zealand prime minister. Their program to confiscate guns (aka “gun buyback”) in New Zealand, though, hit the brick wall of citizens who refuse to give up their natural right to self-defense.

In comparison, there was almost no coverage of the series of multiple massacres in Nigeria, where Fulani terrorists, self-identified as Islamist, massacred 23 Christians in one small village in northern Nigeria and three more Christians just three days later. In January, they killed 70 Christians.

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