What do the things in this list have in common?

Fast & Furious, promotion of architects of its failure
Insurance companies guaranteed a captive market
IRS Tea Gate Lernergate
Attacks on The Press
–James Rosen, SP, Sheryl Atkisson
Coal mining industry shutdown
ISIS subsidized Caliphate
False flag chemical attacks in Syria
Use of the surveillance state to spy on Opposition, Press, Foreign allies
Attacks on First and Second Amendment, Free speech and self-defense advocates as “bitter clingers” to religion, guns Not least: SPYGATE, MUELLERGATE, HILLARYGATE
Last word to staff: “[you] decide what to hide from [your new elected President]”. FBI destruction of evidence in Hillarygate “investigation”
Exoneration written weeks before finish of the investigation Tarmac conflict of interest meeting on the Tarmac
Serial sexual harasser husband, and the FBI search to uncover the tarmac whistleblower

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