Tommy Robinson: “Hidden global network”??! Really, Guardian

The Guardian has published a scurrilous article trying to cover for the atrocious treatment by the English government of Tommy Robinson.

They say there is this “hidden global network” that works “behind Tommy Robinson”.

This illustrates why nobody believes the Media part of the Establishment. Reading down into the article, it turns out the only “network” they were talking about is a band of disparate type folks around the world that believe in fighting for the right of free speech without government censorship.

In other words, it is a network that blasts away at censorship. Who is it dangerous to? Who does the Guardian answer to? Why are they not afraid of the same censorship regime they are defending turning against them?

The problem for them is the same as it is for all the news media outlets controlled by the Parasite Class. THEY act exactly the same as any part of the real “hidden global network” that works behind the scenes in unspoken agreement, that speaks the same thing, hates the same people, hates the same trigger words added to the Elite Parasites’ Unspeakable List.

We can expect at some point they’re going to put the Bible and Bible quotes on their list of Unspeakable Words and Verboten Books. After all the worst tyrants of history, including the Inquisition and 20th century socialists all put the Bible on the list of banned books.

Every year the libraries “celebrate” a banned books week. They exhibit the “most banned” books of history in a small display near the entrance. Do not expect the Bible to show up on their table though, even though it qualifies.

Nowadays they have to be more subtle. In the 1950s, the courts banned Bible teaching, prayer, and Ten Commandments displays from government classrooms, and at some point after World War governments began pushing it out of textbooks.


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