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Forensics and Science Testify to the Bible’s Truth

August 4, 2018

#1. Paleontology. Dino bones have been dated in thousands not millions.

#2. Soft tissue has been found in dino bones.

#3. The first thing that hits you upon arrival according to the paleontologist who “discovered” the soft tissue, to the biggest dino fossil field in Montana is the stink. (Some creationists of the 6000 year kind) had already known for years.

#4. Paleontologists 99pct of times date fossils by noting the dates that the paleontologists give to the sedimentary layers in which the fossils are found.

And the paleontologists date rocks by noting the fossils in the layers.

Radioisotope dating is too expensive.

#5. Any isotope based dates that don’t match long ages speculation is disregarded and “never happened”. Creationists have many times sent pieces to be dated and get rebuked for not declaring this first.

#6. Carbon dating labs refuse to date dino bones even when paid full price. Do they believe their spiel or do they doubt it? Dino bones should show zero date (too old to date) but they know that the fossils show carbon dates.

#7. Trade secret of paleontologists and geologists specialized in dating: there are at least twenty different assumptions one must make to believe in isotope dating.

#8. Just one of the 20 assumptions is that isotope decay is constant forever. Some physicists recently discovered, accidentally I think, that decay rates vary with the rotation of the Earth.

#9. According to the late Stephen J. Gould, foremost paleontologist, it is a “trade secret” among them that the fossils show stasis, not common descent. In his book: “It’s as if it never happened!”

His reaction was to invent “punctuated equilibrium”, that all the transitions that made the big leaps from “kind” to “kind” happened so fast and in such small isolated areas that they left a zero zilch nada fossil record.

Since fossils are the only real world forensic evidence there is on the question of descent, that makes punctuated equilibrium a rare example of where the lack of evidence for a theory is proposed as evidence for the theory.

Felines, bovines, canines, but no intermediates. The bones proposed as intermediates fall short.

#10. The proposed genetics analyses published in the permitted press actually contradict their presumed evolutionary lines. Some do have some matches. But there are also genetic “anomalies” they never like to get detailed about.

Some genes related to a given function are more similar for example between humans and a worm than humans and chimps. Or the structure of insulin.

#11. The universal cultural phenomenon of a tribal history of a Flood, including many tribes telling of a worldwide flood, suggests the Noah Flood. Geology, the Grand Canyon, and fossils suggest massive and sudden floods embedding plants and animals in sediments that turned into rock layers and fossils.

#12. Polystrate fossils, “inverted” geological columns, much of which is seen in the Grand Canyon, contradicts the official story.

#13. The thing you offer as evidence against a “loving Sunday school God” is only evidence of (1) man’s own wickedness, and (2) the Genesis narrative of the Fall, at which event the world changed.

And this perennial stickler has been explored by brilliant geologists and Bible believers in volumes written over the centuries, that are never perused beforehand by those making such a sweeping pronouncement.

And certainly without even entertaining a thought about how the Bible’s content has improved the moral condition of all the people’s and cultures it has touched, turning the world into a better place.

In fact, militant atheists always point to passages they say are horrendous examples of God’s cruelty. But this is contradicted by the tendencies over the ages of moral improvements, the triumph of the Biblical Golden Rule, the compassion of Christ, his teachings, and his followers.

So the context for those passages is crucial. Remember that the loving God did pour out a Flood to do away with the wickedness of the antediluvian world out of love (to stop the evil of men). Events in the occupation of Canaan have similar context. God art one time told Abraham to leave them alone, they were not evil enough yet. By the time of the occupation, the Canaanites were so bad that one tribe attacked the Israelites THREE times even after having been defeated. And from that tribe arose Haman who “almost” wiped out all the Jews everywhere in the historical book of Esther.

Thank you for opening some minds on intelligent design, in any case.

All of the above of course did not touch on the Resurrection, for which there is also abundant evidence. Truth stranger than fiction.