Zero Hedge drops another Bombshell ! (to those spies listening without a warrant: not a real one, just a figurative one)

Okay we all know by now the FBI snakes at the top levels of the Agency in 2016 (and too many continuing in 2017), eagerly used the unverified infamous fake “dossier” on Trump.

We also know that Mueller’s team of 17 plus Democrat Party contributors and partisans after more than a year of continuing the FBI and DOJ Russia frame job that was engineered by Brennan has done no better but exposes itself more each day as acting above the law, because they know they have Republican Party allies in Congress that would go for impeachment the minute Trump fires anybody.

But after all that that and tens of millions of dollars, they got nothing. After Rush Limbaugh and others had the nation laughing about a Russia collusion investigation with “no Russians in sight”, he quickly indicted twelve Russians and three companies that live in Russia, just to have some Russians.

We all laughed at that too, because we all know that these are characters he thought he would never have to actually prove anything about in court. SURPRISE! One of them showed up in court. Mueller’s boys protested that these bad Russians had not been properly served.

Moot, said the judge. They’re here pleading Not Guilty and demanding discovery. Muellerites: But your Honor we’re not ready!
Your Honor: What have you been doing all this time, and didn’t you get an indictment? Discovery1

We know what comes next. 90 percent redacted pages.

But now we find out, and Zero Hedge digs it up, that two privately funded multi-million operations have tried to prove the Fake Dossier have also come up empty.

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