Roger Stone: The Witch Hunt Continues | The Daily Caller

Mueller continues fishing aggressively. Poking at every one who had anything to do with Trump to try to get one of them to invent something against Trump, maybe even seeing if he can force-fit anything he can against Trump himself.

The real victims are every member who voted in the election. They are getting exposed as thinking they are above the law. They are exposed as hypocrites when they say the word “democracy”.

The social media giants tilted their content in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. Facebook bragged that their tweaks to their news-handling algorithms resulted in a higher turnout of two or three million more than would have otherwise gone to vote.

And a former employee there blew the whistle on them that the moderators were downlisting news feeds from conservative sources. Zuckerberg invited a group of conservative heavies to a discussion about it. Too bad Glenn Beck got really sycophantic about the guy, and of course after that conference we heard about the banning of Diamond and Silk.

But now, with midterms coming up in 2018, they have pulled all stops and stripped off their sheep masks and are full-blown obviously blocking a great many conservatives and Christians from posting anything, with the boiler plate excuse of ‘terms and conditions”, while refusing to specify what was the trigger. That’s all those usual “Ministry of Truth” social media companies.

Time to abandon the forums that comply with the Thought Police and seek other alternatives or abandon all of it. I have a friend, a coder and SQL database whiz, who never signed on to any social media and he’s doing okay. They gather enough information on non-users already….

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