11 Animalistic Crimes committed by – What would you call them?

So don’t call them animals.

What would you call them? My wife is from Honduras, and she has names for them that are worse than calling them animals. My stepdaughter has a friend there has a small farmerss market type business and has to pay off two gangs that come around and collect “taxes”, and she can’t tell either of them about the other, because they both demand exclusive “taxing” rights.

I guess extortion is easier and more lucrative than street robbery.Strong enforcement penalty they have for tax evasion though. Death is a pretty strong punishment. These guys can learn from governments. Wait. They already do. They picked up on the word “taxes”.

If political Democrats think they’re going to win more Latino votes by saying nobody should call MS-13 gang members bad names, they are super-deluded. What idiot is giving them their talking points? Latinos hate living in fear of them.

It’s one reason Juan Orlando Hernandez is so popular in Honduras. He went ahead and built super-max prisons, apparently the first in his country. His government is actually making life difficult for the street gangs.

Latins have much worse words for MS-13 than “animals”.

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    Exactly Right!

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