Maybe more than just FBI-DNC-Clinton collusion but info plant?


It turns out that alternative media sources have discovered that evidence suggests that the FBI actually had a spy in the Trump Campaign, paid or not, but presumably paid in some way or another. And apparently there was some foreign intelligence actors involved in this interference in the Campaign, giving superficial cover for getting a FISA Court warrant. (Did the Complicit Faction in the FBI tell the court about this spy, or use the “fake dossier” to justify it?)

This gives more meat to the accusation that there was collusion by foreign governments to interfere in the presidential elections, at least campaigns, of 2016.

And lo and behold, Complicit Media just happens to crack open the old story about Russian hacking into Illinois state election registrations. But wait! Distraction! Why should we believe anything any of our lying, thieving, corrupt governments say officially about any of this, since we have a long history of their lying, thieving (“civil forfeiture”), and corruption.

The information war by our ruling powers has been known to a lot of people for a long time, but the wrongly trusted Operation Mockingbird Press has been complicit in this war, co-opted by those powers. Many owners, writers, opinionators, in the Complicit Media are actually enthusiastic collaborators in the deceits, propaganda, and cover-ups of the same.

Some of the dupes in that information war complain about press bias, but the press bias they sometimes complain about is really itself disinformation meant to provide cover for the purposes of the Ruling Cabal.

It’s rather obvious there’s some coordination when the Big Players in all the information industry on one day or another start playing the same tune, pretending to cover a breaking story, or a new trend. I’ve seen this during my lifetime. Many go their merry way thinking this is all independently spontaneous.

With the Internet, however, come many independent voices expressing opinion, in a much more open market for information, to the extent there is an open market. It seems like anybody who wants to can still create his own blog with WordPress software, and even set one up for free using the Automattic’s offer of same at

But especially after 2016, it looks like the Ruling Cabal, Deep State, Shadow Government, by any name, put its plans to take over the Internet into overdrive. It’s not as drastic as Senator Lieberman’s pining for the China shutdown switch but subtlety is often worse. Complicit Media and Complicit Congress gave Silicon Valley a talking to, using Zuckerberg a sort of stand-in for the rest of them.

We all know that Silicon Valley will blow off things like Ted Cruz’s long list of Facebook users that Facebook censored, including the <begin sarcasm> very dangerous and hateful <end sarcasm> Diamond and Silk, and twelve Catholic organizations, that Facebook blocked, because the Dark Powers appear to have the upper hand for now.

So the Big Social Media leviathans are going into Big Internet Control mode now, blocking and “demonetizing” conservative and Christian voices, in preparation leading up to more drastic measures.

Tyrannical impulses tend to dominate in any government. Greed, Envy, Coveting, are impulses that tend to motivate voters in a democracy, or a republic. There are personalities that covet power over others who naturally seek to control political power, because that gives them control over the monopoly of force in the organization most of their political subjects (aka victims) regard as legitimate. More legitimate, say, than a competing gang of thieves or extortionists. There are personalities that also covet guarantees of protection and provision more than they do freedom from protection rackets or economic freedom.

This combines to feed despotism. Beware of governments, one and all!

Most of all, they have proven to us that they are liars, and we cannot simply believe them, we have to have good corroboration.

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