Israel, the Zionists, and now

Well, I agree about the stupid arbitrary drawing of borders by Western powers, chiefly the Brits who pushed the Ottoman Turks back out of Arabia, and the UN after WWII.

The Brits after WWII got a “Palestine mandate” to supervise Palestine to independence. In the United Nations plan, history tells us, the UN partition plan that did indeed draw boundaries according to the geographically majority population in various areas in Palestine.

It looks kind of hodge-podgy, but here’s the map they drew, where the yellow represents the Arab-majority areas, and the orange represents the more Jewish population (easy enough to find in a search engine):

However, the Zionists were not satisfied with the map. They were already blowing up Hotel David in Jerusalem, and there were clashes between Arabs and Jews.

So using the money of rich patrons in Europe and the US, they got ahead of the game and declared “independence”, and violence broke out, and the Brits said “We’re outta here” and they got outta there. Mechamem Begin and the “Stern Gang” went on the attack. The Jewish-friendly town of Deir Yassin declared neutrality in the fight, but it had strategic geography, so militias from Begin’s gang massacred the town. I’ve read the Israeli official version of the fight for Deir Yassin and it is not convincing.

The result was as the Zionists intended. Arabs fled towns all around in fright, and cleared a lot of land for the Jewish militia. And the Zionists declared a homeland for Jews. A Brooklyn Hassidic or other Orthodox that condemns the very existence of Israel, can get a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv, and get instant citizenship based on his religion, and get better treatment than an Arab, Christian or Muslim, or Messianic Jew who was born and raised there.

The Zionists were secular socialists, they were not “observant” Jews, but recognized the political expediency of having the “ethnic cohesion” of a core of religious Jews.

In my opinion, nothing is going to work until the “United States” is out of the way, the Antichrist (or Beast) of Daniel 9:24-27 finally organizes a “covenant with many” for peace. The prophecies in Daniel read as though Israel will be invaded a few times until finally the Beast sets up in “the” temple in Jerusalem, a precursor to the war that culminates in the mother of all battles in the Megiddo Valley, aka Armageddon.

And the USA is not for long as a superpower. There have been Christian prophecies on this from the 1950s and 1960s, and then Austrian economists have said it cannot last as such a power, the dollar will drag it down. But I say it already a habitation of filth and evil, its cup running over as a formerly Christian nation as a culture, having abandoned God, as did Jeremiah of old.

Jerusalem is sacred to the Jews, sacred to the Muslims, sacred for Christians, and Jerusalem is the immovable object in any accord. It has broken down talks among the parties more than once.

God is in control, we must remember that, and keep our minds on the JOY of the Lord, and spread his good Word while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work.


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  1. Helena Says:

    OK – you knew I had to say something… and you are most adamantly taking a ‘side’, that is obvious. Why you take that side – is not so verbosely obvious. Because your proffered history is so limited in scope, it therefore alludes to a personal anger. ??
    YOu do not address why the Middle East can not absorb their own. Why such a small infinitesimal piece of land must be subdivided and apportioned and ‘given’ to the ‘Palestinians” who didn’t even exist except as nomads, or bedouins, prior to WWI. Nomad. Gypsy. Travelers without a land. C’mon Truther, you have an agenda you are not revealing. And the facts don’t back your argument…

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thanks for your response.

    My side is the anarcho-capitalist side, if any, a pox on all the ruling “houses” that extort loot from their subjects, and not from any personal anger.

    I really agreed with maybe even most of your original post, just wanted to point out that there were Arabs in the land called Palestine now called Israel by us here in the States, that’s all. Arabs for real. And they lived in the land that was carved out as Palestine by the Brits that pushed back the Turks.

    Not my “proffered history”, the history is verifiable, even in the Israeli government version. If there is contrary evidence, I would sincerely be interested in looking at it.

    Any version of “they didn’t exist” is belied by the villages like Deir Yassin and many others in that area, and by the partition map. The map was made in one of the first actions of the organization founded to build upon for world (socialist) government, the UN, with the American representative in the founding meet in San Francisco being Alger Hiss, put there by FDR, later proven to be a traitor and Communist. (What else is new).

    Yes, other Arab lands did not welcome a mass migration of Arabs from the area called Palestine from Roman days. They went to war with the newly declared state of Israel in part maybe even to prevent it. And they Palestinians proved to be a nuisance to them in Jordan (Black September) and later to Lebanon. And mostly they congregated in areas with people they could best relate to, other exiles from their homes.

    My main agenda is Mark 16:15, and to consider the poor. Christians have an obligation to call out injustice. Matthew 6, Matthew 23, John 3…

  3. trutherator Says:

    Oh, it seems to me that the “they didn’t exist” theme is a Mossad talking point, that now has become a theme for Christian Evangelicals, some of whom are too complacent in the face of the endless wars being waged on behalf of the Establishment, the one that hates Christians. For their own reasons.

    I am not of the group that blames groups for the sins of some members.

    “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”.

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