Broadband and Net Neutrality

Netflix spokes in Australia said Net Neutrality didn’t matter much. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix don’t want broadband ISP’s to “control the Internet”, because THEY want to CONTINUE controlling the Internet as they do now, and make their “obscene profits” from the sale and use of personal information, like they already do.

Are the Big Search and Big Social companies like those pushing for INDIVIDUALS to control it? No. Google dumbs down search for what it doesn’t like, and personalizes my search.

I HATE HATE it that Google “personalizes” my search, and that so many so-called alternatives to Google are reduced to using Google results. They want to be the big Information Bullies. They don’t mind their dominant mastery of their market share. Net Neutrality helps entrench their advantage.

FCC already tells too many orders to cable companies. Telling them to transmit broadcast channels at reduced rates blah blah. They ALWAYS say it’s for the little guy. When they say they do this and that to help the poor, or to make things “fair”, reach for your wallet and hide.

Let the free market do her work. Better policies would encourage competition for providing Broadband services. AT&T is already competing in my neighborhood, against Comcast, with broadband speeds. Open up the infrastructure for laying competitive broadband grid, how about that?

Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;–Isaiah 10:1

That includes the blind leaders of the blind.


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  1. Safariman Says:

    Excellent observation as always!

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thanks Safariman! Your posts are also always excellent!

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