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Swamp Media dirty tricks again?

November 16, 2017

One Moore accuser was a Clinton donor, another a volunteer. Another was apolitical and Washington Post knew nobody would notice they even wrote in her bio that she had a history of drug and money problems, got in trouble for check kiting, and other things. There is some credibility factor here, just like with Allred’s Trump accusers, who got thrown to oblivion after they had their three minutes.

he latest accuser emphasizes she’s not getting any payoff. Did nobody hint anything? Clarence Thomas’ accuser got tenure at ASU the very day she came public against him. Jim Bakker’s accuser (known for flirty dresses in church services) got a radio program in Arizona that lasted about two weeks. How can we know her for sure? He said she said. I know of one true child abuse story on a very personal basis, and another just as sure about a woman that denounced her boyfriend falsely three times and put him in prison. The Rolling Stone lost a defamation lawsuit for a bogus rape story that cost a counselor her position, and the male victim his reputation. The Duke Lacrosse players were innocent and the DA lost his job over that false accusation. Who can believe this pile-on? Why did Washington Post wait until after Moore won the primaries? Who the hell can believe the WP when they say the reporter was not even looking for dirt on Moore, he was doing a different story? That’s right, I’m sorry, if you have to clean up your keyboard now.

I’m not convinced but the timing of this thing and the WP initiation of the thing is just too much. Time will tell.

Attack on Roy Moore is really against the Christians and traditional respect for women

November 13, 2017

Okay. The Washington Post hit piece is another series of attacks on traditional culture, because that’s what Roy Moore represents. THAT is what is going on.

Let’s get real. Is WP now against 30-year old men kissing 18-year old girls? They’re reporting on Weinstein’s scandals, I assume, but are they blasting away at the long list of movies made by these now-exposed perverts that actually encourage it? Are they complaining about the age of girls in the proliferation of porno productions?

No, they are not, because they are hypocrites, along with the rest of the bipartisan swamp.

Democracy Dies in Darkness, goes their motto, without even a sniggering emoji or belly laughing animated gif! Not even a wink!

Article list: Non-verbal cues it says increase likeability

November 13, 2017

At Time Magazine’s web site is an artice by Shana Lebowitz:
“9 Ways to Get People to Like You Without Saying a Word”.

Click on the article link to see the details. I hat manipulation, but the good guys are behind the bad guys in these things. Knowing some of these things may help level the playing field.

Just remember, most people in face-to-face interactions can eventually make out insincerity.

Have the person you’re with hold something warm.

Speak in a higher-pitched voice.

Dress fashionably.

Look self-assured and energetic.

Copy the person you’re with.

Spend more time around the people you’re hoping to befriend.

Casually touch your conversation partner.


Let other people talk about themselves.

Taxes will increase – Beware Chained Consumer Price Index

November 13, 2017

Forwarded from Ro Paul’ss Campaign for Liberty email alerts…

Campaign for Liberty Dear Alan,

Hidden in the House Republican tax plan is a tax hike on every American. . .

A tax hike that could eventually erase any benefit you receive from the plan.

This tax hike goes by the name “Chained Consumer Price Index” (CPI). Chained CPI raises taxes by understating the effects of inflation on the standard of living. It does this by using the “full substitution” effect.

With full substitution, the government doesn’t consider inflation to have diminished your standard of living if, for example, you can still buy hamburger when inflation makes steak too expensive.

Chained CPI pushes you into higher tax brackets, not because your income actually increases, but because inflation creates the illusion that you are richer — even though your actual purchasing power has declined!

Chained CPI is nothing more than a Fed-imposed backdoor tax increase and is yet another example of how the Fed makes the growth of government possible.

It also shows why it is so important that we drag the Federal Reserve out of the shadows by passing the Audit the Fed bill (H.R. 24/S. 16).

Unfortunately, Republican reliance on higher inflation taxes may make them reluctant to pass Audit the Fed, which would risk exposing how the Fed is helping them pose as tax cutters.

That’s why we need to keep the heat on Speaker Paul Ryan to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed!

So, if you have not done so yet, please sign your “AUDIT THE FED NOW!” petition to Speaker Ryan.

Then, forward the link to your pro-Audit friends and family.

And make your most generous donation of $50, $25, or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty force Audit the Fed through the House.

Audit the Fed has been placed on the House Union Calendar, so it can be called up for a vote at any time.

Since it has passed the House twice by overwhelming majorities and with the full support of Paul Ryan, there is no reason for him not to schedule a vote. . .

. . . Unless he is caving to pressure from Wall Street lobbyists . . . or maybe he doesn’t want to call attention to his fellow Republican “spendaholics” — who need the Fed to hide the true cost of the welfare-state.

These “spendaholics” know the American people would not put up with bloated government if they had to pay for all of it with income taxes.

So, they implement Chained CPI, then sit back and let the Fed do their dirty work for them.

Eventually, the Fed’s policies of endless money creation and bailouts — all done behind closed doors — will cause an economic crash that will make the meltdown of 2008 look like a cakewalk. . .

. . . It could be even worse than the Great Depression.

But you and I can stop all of that — IF we force Congress to change monetary policy, starting by passing Audit the Fed.

So please sign your “AUDIT THE FED NOW!” petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and forward the link to your pro-Audit friends and family.

Then, make your most generous donation of $50, $25, or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty force Audit the Fed through the House.

Your contribution will help Campaign for Liberty mobilize even more of the almost 85% of Americans who support Audit the Fed.

With your help, Campaign for Liberty can deliver this vital message to hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of Americans, and finally force Audit the Fed onto the president’s desk.

Alan, with no audit, Congress would be able to sweep the truth of their Chained CPI tax increase under the rug.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty MUST inform as many Americans as possible about Congress’ latest scheme to quietly raise your taxes using the Federal Reserve to do it!

If more Americans learn of this outrage, I am convinced more will join our efforts to put the heat on Congress to Audit the Fed!

Unfortunately, Campaign for Liberty does not have the resources to run our most effective program right now.

If we can raise the money, we will reach out to as many people as possible, using mail, email, and Facebook and Google ads.

The more money we raise, the more people we will be able to reach.

Funds permitting, we can even produce hard-hitting videos to run on Facebook and other social media websites.

Of course, our work won’t be done when Speaker Ryan schedules the vote; we’ll need to continue our program to call out and pressure representatives who may be tempted to change positions on Audit the Fed now that it stands a chance of being signed into law.

And then, we will need to turn up the heat in the Senate so we can get Audit the Fed to President Trump’s desk.

This is an ambitious program, but it is what will be required if we are to pass Audit the Fed this session.

So Alan, is there anyway I can count on you to contribute $50?

I know that is a lot to ask, but the stakes are high.

Unless you and I expose the secrets of the Fed soon, American families will suffer like never before from their inflationary policies.

In order to prepare — and hopefully avoid — the worst of the coming meltdown, the American people need to know what agreements the Fed has made with Congress, the big banks, Wall Street firms, foreign governments, and other central banks.

If $50 is simply too much, can I count on a special donation of $25?

Thanks to Campaign for Liberty supporters like you, we have come further than anyone ever expected when we launched our Audit the Fed battle in 2009.

We overcame the opposition of the most powerful special interests in American politics to make Audit the Fed a major issue.

You and I passed our audit bill twice through the House and came within six votes of breaking a filibuster and passing it in the Senate.

Now with a president on record claiming to support Audit the Fed, we have our best chance yet to get it signed into law.

But we MUST keep the heat on Congress to ensure they don’t choose to protect the Fed in order to cover up their own Big Government schemes.

So if you cannot afford to give $25 today, can I count on a contribution of $10?

Whatever you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated and put to good use in the battle to FORCE Audit the Fed into law.

First, sign your “AUDIT THE FED NOW!” petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and forward the link to your pro-Audit friends and family.

Then, make your most generous donation of $50, $25, or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty force Audit the Fed through the House.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. The House tax plan uses Chained CPI to impose a backdoor tax, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

Congress’ use of the Fed to enable their massive spending and so-called tax “cutting” may make Republican leadership reluctant to vote on Audit the Fed.

That means you and I must turn up the pressure on Congress.

So please sign your “AUDIT THE FED NOW!” petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and forward the link to your pro-Audit friends and family.

Then, make your most generous donation of $$50, $$25, or $$10 to help Campaign for Liberty force Audit the Fed through the House.

Because of Campaign For Liberty’s tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)).

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Whatever happens, God is still in control, and prayer does indeed change things.

Swamp creatures defend the Swamp against a Cleaner

November 13, 2017

Where were all these self-righteous holier-than-thou “liberal Christians” and feminist atheists yelling about Roy Moore, with the multiple-accused serial rapist and misogynist Bill Clinton and his protector Hillary? ASK THEM FOR GOD’S SAKE WHAT THEY THINK NOW ABOUT JUANITA BROADERICK’S CLAIMS OF RAPE.

This is fruit of the poisonous tree. Reports are that poor women were paid to denounce Roy Moore. One a Hillary donor and another one addicted to accusing a long list of pastors.

Swamp Media is desperate to push back against a Republican majority, because the Republican Establishment is being exposed as a Deep State “loyal opposition” cover operation to deceive the voters into thinking they have some kind of “democracy”. There are repentant witches about who blow the whistle on the practices of these self-declared “pagans”, telling us how young pretty women are sent to infiltrate churches and cause disruption. “Father Albert” was a Jesuit priest sent by his order on a mission to cause havoc in Protestant churches. Meantime the Hollywood dominoes keep falling.

And the push by Media Matters, financed in great part by billionaire anti-democratic George Soros, at advertisers to pull out of Hannity’s program, has nothing to do with indignation over pedophilia. Where was the outrage at the Hillary Campaign over the Wiener flirting with a 14-year old? Or Bill Clinton’s rape accusers? Have they threatened any boycott of advertisers on the programs of the Clinton sycophants who swooned over the rapist protector Hillary?

After the election the accusations will be forgotten, unless some Swamp creature wants to make an even stronger example of another born-again Christian who dares to have a Swamp-censored opinion?

So, HRC picked up clues on “campaign tactics” from Obama 2008?

November 10, 2017

The interesting story is here:
Down the Memory Hole: Obama Stole the 2008 Primary with Help of DNC:

Property rights, gentrification and eminent domain

November 10, 2017

Eminent domain is about government seizing the private property of citizens. But the principle of private property is actually sancrosanct –Thou shalt not steal.

The unproven speculation is that it the government people are lying when it says they want the land for a park. The residents say it is for the “gentrification” of their neighborhood.


Capitalism is simply the use of private savings for the creation of capital goods. Capital goods are used to create the consumer goods like people of all colors need.

How about let’s demand the repeal of eminent domain completely? The “collective will” of a community as expressed by majority vote, as we see, is not even a tyranny of the majority but a tyranny of whoever has the government power to do whatever they can get away with.

Just imagine these tyrants in government with the same greedy instincts without the profit cronies. Take take take. Or worse pathologies. Such are attracted to power.

Here again private property rights must be respected. If you favor robbing rich Peter to pay poor Paul, then don’t come whining for recourse. How much is too much? All the featured property owners in this story have more wealth than 95 percent of the world’s people

Judge Moore – If the WaPo story was true, they held it back for reasons of pure twisted political power reasons

November 10, 2017

This one has me skeptical as can be.

There’ve been elections in Alabama, but everybody knows him there and knows his history, and even so there are enough detractors that with all the national publicity his enemies had a chance to find somebody with scandalous accusations.

So this accusation coming in a Washington Post report, as I have said many times now, with their history of the most atrocious kinds of lies and head-spinning “spin”, they cannot be trusted at all.

This is the paper that did serial fake news reporting during 2016 and even continue to this day.

They dig high and wide for dirt, doing oppo research for Democrat Party hacks, for the D. C. Swamp Establishment, and often when they can’t find some real thing they make it up.

The NYT was delighted to fabricate a story about some of Trump’s past female acquaintances that the resulting story got a blasting rebuke from its showcase “victim”.

Lies for political purposes in these dirty rags is nothing new there, goes back decades, even a century, but the acceleration of it reflects the days of reports on Stalin. And Mao. And Fidel Castro. And Hugo Chavez. And the backwards reporting on Honduras. Did you ever hear about all the murders of reporters in Honduras who reported on the crimes of the Chavista favorite, the leftist de facto dictator Manuel Zelaya? Yeah, the one that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (she in a personal call to interim president Micheletti) told to resign, so the piti-Chavez could come back to power for life?

The New York Times was Stalin’s best friend. Its reports from Russia said the murderous famine in Ukraine that killed some 20 million souls was not happening, just noise.

They have dutifully reported many fake incidents that later were admitted false flag operations.

To this day they report Trump’s Russia vaporware connections even though anybody who works the Internet a little bit and cares for truth knows it’s another big fat lie, while we also all know that the real genuine Russia scandal is the Uranium One story of bribery, extortion, and money laundering that now implicates any and probably all of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Robert Mueller, John and Tony Podesta, Jim Comey, the shady Russian company that got 20 percent ownership of American uranium mining and has smuggled also a similar fraction of the uranium itself outside U. S. borders. Smuggled because none of the requisite permissions happened. And apparently with the cooperation of the highest administration officials.

Any bets on whether Mueller investigates Uranium One or the Clintons or himself? Or John Podesta’s brother, who partnered with Manafort on Russia deals and Russia lobbying?

Why aren’t Republicans screaming about this, and condemning this apparent fake news story about Moore as the red herring it is?

Hey Bloomberg! Now share a list of who gets George Soros money!

November 10, 2017

Bloomberg just posted a hit piece on Robert Mercer, a billionaire donor to freedom-friendly Forgotten Man causes that do not have favor with the Government-Media complex.

At the very top of the piece they put a picture of Mercer’s face, but they set it up to look very ominous. It took some artist, and the editors, to exercise some effort to plant a bad association in the mind of most readers who are not alert to this kind of mind-bending by these masters of deception.

Shame on Bloomberg! Do they do this to Soros’ photos? No. Shame, shame, shame. Bloomberg lies with an artist palette.

No, I’m not posting a link because Bloomberg already has enough extra handicap points in Google’s algorithms for being a Deep-State approved “expert” source. For understanding in economics, go to for a real-world perspective on current economics and financial news.

They make this look like a hit against Bannon, but Mercer only said he has always made his own decisions.

Spin, spun, span. Bloomberg the man is another billionaire socialist.

They got theirs, but don’t want others competing. God enough billionaire tycoons, don’t want competition. Not for nothing this billionaire club of richer-than-thou moralizers help write the regulations that crimp the “little man”, the hoi polloi, keep down entrepeneurs of color and rednecks.

Prayers Don’t Work?!

November 9, 2017

Well, some people have opinions, and others have facts.

After the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, some media celebrities decided to proclaim their foolishness, rather than keep their silence and let people doubt it.


Many double-blind studies have shown that intercessory prayer DOES work. The one recent study, just one, that got some publicity, claimed that the results were not conclusive. Even so, they admit that there were even negative results.

There was no mention in those reports about the several studies that did show that it does work.

I propose, though, that it is very hard to get a good handle on this phenomenon statistically. My first question for any such study is to ask whether they accounted for the praying people’s faith or lack of it, and how did they measure that? Barna Research has some good guidelines on such matters, because their people are committed Christians and regard it as a ministry to help other ministries and pastorates allocate resources wisely.

A lot of unbelievers reproached the calls for prayers for the survivors and families of the people killed in the massacre. A few more claimed they wanted more action to prevent such incidents, by which they really meant they wanted to make it more difficult for people like Stephen Willeford to acquire effective arms. Willeford was the neighbor who stopped the killing when he exchanged gunfire with the killer outside the church. The killer fled after that exchange, and ended up rolling off the road into a ditch about 12 miles up the road.

By the way, the Good Samaritan neighbor, Willeford, had the same type of weapon the killer had used, an AR-15. He said he would have a lesser chance of aiming properly with a lesser weapon like a pistol.

If you want to do more, you might do like some bigger churches do, who have good guys with guns ready to protect the flock in case of some wolf wanting to do damage.

Smaller churches, like the one in Sutherland Springs, often have members who do have firearms and can legally carry them. There have been previous incidents in which a killer was stopped by someone with a gun inside the church. One of them involved a terrorist attack against a mixed-race church in South Africa during Apartheid days, where one guy in the Security forces was packing and chased off all five, who had not expected anyone to shoot back.

For those who think it was all over before the hero got there, keep in mind that the killer had more weapons and lots of ammunition in his vehicle. There was another church two miles up the same road he fled on. If not chased, he might have otherwise to continue the spree.

Another relevant fact. This guy had made two posts on Facebook where he had good things to say about the violent nihilist (“neo-Brownshirt”) Antifa. He had illegally bought the guns because he was a convicted wife-beater and baby-basher (cracking his stepchild’s skull) which got him expelled from the Air Force.

The government is just too big and too slow to react quick enough or properly so with people like this guy, especially surrounded by a government-compliant media complex that soaks its audience with faint praise for street marauders as in antifa.

As the slogan goes: Remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.