Did Jesus exist?

Atheist and agnostic historians with degrees who want to preserve a good reputation among their “peers” all agree that Jesus was a real-world person, the one referred to in the Gospels. Denying he existed is stupid.

Secular Roman historians referring to him, and growing in numbers so fast that Nero was able to blame them for the fires that consumed much of Rome. Gospels written within one generation of his death, burial and resurrection by disciples who all variously proved that they believed what they wrote in their accounts by virtue of their voluntary martyrdom as a witness to those beliefs. Psychologists and neuro-scientists discount the “mass hallucination” so-called hypothesis. Medical doctors testify that the “water and blood came out” is evidence of corporeal and clinical death on the cross.

Skeptics said the lack of any ancient reference to nails on a cross in Roman crucifixions meant the narrative was phony, until archaeologists dug up nails used in crucifixions. They denied the existence of the Assyrian Empire until an archaeologist dug up the entire capital city of the empire. One skeptic became an archaeologist to disprove the names and places in the book of Acts until he dug them all up. Simon Greanleaf, Dean of Harvard Law, was an atheist and denied the Resurrection until he took up a student’s challenge to apply his own rule to consider the evidence before concluding anything. The result was The Testimony of the Evangelists, by Simon Greanleaf, subtitled Why I am a Christian.


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  1. Plant Electrician Says:

    Some people, like those from Missouri – the “Show Me” state aren’t convinced unless they see it for themselves. The funny thing is, all they need to do is open their eyes.

    • trutherator Says:

      And I am from Missouri, and it was kind of like that for me.
      First, science thinking took me to see how high school physics could suggest a natural-science explanation for some phenomena usually considered “ESP” and all that.

      I went looking for existing science on this and there was almost none at the time. It occurred to me that scientists were avoiding it because of the spiritual implications.

      So I went to the “horse’s mouth” and one thing and another, it became clear from science, history, logic, that the Bible was true.

      • Plant Electrician Says:

        I grew up in Columbia Missouri. I grew up with God being involved in my every day life. So for me it was a no-brainer. What can you say to people who have an argument that is carefully thought out and logical proving the non-existence of your best friend?

      • trutherator Says:

        I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. My Dad was a Pentecostal pastor, so I got a good grounding I guess, listening to his firebrand sermons and Bible verses. But high school and more so, college, indoctrination seduced me into atheism and even communism for awhile.

        Those “who [only think they] have an argument that is carefully thought out and logical proving the non-existence of your best friend” have nothing but one of many seductive logical *fallacies* that only *seem* logical.

        I’m going to answer this more at length in another post. Glad you asked.

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