Scholastics and Jesuits

The apologetics favoring rehabilitation of the Jesuits is a bit of misguided revisionism of history.

We now see the Jesuit order before our very eyes in 2017 ripping off its sheepskins and letting its wolfish fangs show against those who dare resist world government. Pretending that it had a different historical mission other than subject as many as possible to religious loyalty to the last-word rule of the Papacy is a misguided notion.

Ignatius de Loyola offered to bring the Protestants back under Papacy. It was more to recapture the Protestants than Muslims. They began happened as the Reformation was forming.

The Reformation was spiritually about restoring God to its rightful place above the Papacy. The Magna Carta also invoked God as the justification for pushing back against unjust decrees from the Monarchy.

Under Christianity, the rule of law means adhering to the Word of God, not the priest, king, or Pope, or pastor, or such. Clearly there is a hierarchy, as bionic mosquito points out, but the Bible is the articulation, and extension, of natural law for believers.

There may be some positives in the writings of many Jesuits, and certainly many of the deeds of some of them were godly and freedom-enhancing, but the Order as an institution instituted practices hidden from much of history by history’s oligarchs.

They have done all manner of atrocities in the name of the Church. The discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, whose intellectual author was a Jesuit priest, is a vindication of Protestant suspicions of Mary’s allies, and the Catholic plots to overthrow the throne to install the Catholics.

So now we get a Establishment Hollywood movie attempting to mask the Gunpowder Plot as an anarchist rebellion!

We now see what the Jesuits are about when we research history as it was. A mixed bag at best, an espionage and Fifth Column at worst. Fraud, Machiavellian political machinations, disruptions, on it goes. These are not the fruits of either a libertarian influence, nor a freedom-loving spiritual organization. Using temporal and political powers to subjugate the masses is more along the lines of a socialist propaganda organ.

And lo and behold, the Jesuit Papacy has joined the socialist one-world order, and given its blessing. I do not believe that the Beast (aka Antichrist) of Revelation will be the Pope, but it is looking like this Jesuit Pope at the Vatican may well be ready to take the role of the False Prophet of Revelation 13 and give his blessing to the Beast.

Thank God there are a great many Catholics in libertarian and Austrian circles who seem prepared to denounce their Pope as the American Empire and its successor increase their attempts to take back control. Post St. Patrick’s Ireland, had its autonomous areas ruled by their own nobles, and the “monasteries” were actually voluntary cooperative communities of families sometimes with a female as leader. Romans had to

By their fruits ye shall know them. Where Roman Catholic institutions and culture predominate, these nations have fewer traditions of liberty. The markets most free flourished in the United States. It took the enemies of freedom a whole century longer to fool the Americans in Protestant USA into tolerating a central bank.

Literacy historically was much more prevalent in all Christendom as it spread around the world, but a majority of the population historically in Protestant -dominated nations than in Roman Catholic dominated nations. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Note and “disclaimer”: There have been some shining lights among the Roman Catholic faithful, scripture-quoting St. Francis as the best-known example, and many accusations in the popular mind against the Vatican are wrong. The Papacy and many of its people in Germany did save many Jews, as was recognized in Israel. (And Hitler was not Catholic, or Protestant either, but pagan). I’ve met many godly Catholics, received hospitality in housing of its orders, but also saw a man “more Catholic than the Pope” kidnap by force waving a gun, his adult son, whom we led to sanity using the Word. And felt the spiritual wickedness of a Jesuit priest blasting us because we had dared to share our faith with his small group of “disciples”.


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