The Atlantic: Guardian of the Vote, Computer Scientist leads charge for paper ballots


One commenter blamed Republicans for rejecting “voter-verifiable paper trail”. That word is gobbledygook, and Bev Harris in her crusade against electronic voting issued a rebuke at the partisan snapping against Republicans that took over the comment sections in her web site. Democrats and Republicans both were putting in the e-voting machines manufactured by a Venezuelan government-owned company and guaranteeing the outcome. Florida had vote counts exceeding registered voters in half-dozen or so counties with majorities in both parties. In Ohio 2012, many Ohio counties had a similar situation, more ballots than voters, in which Obama won.

In the Detroit area, in 2012 also, or 2016?, there were counties where the tallies were so much different than reality, that the solution written into state law said that the results had to stand as they were in the obviously very wrong first count!

In my opinion, at least two policemen should be present and charged with responsibility for the security of the ballot counts. In the case of “anomalies” like above, dock the pay for the day. Double if no hitches.

I’ve pushed this since before the 2000 election. After that one, I told everybody and every forum that could listen that e-voting was a m bigger thing than even someone hacking a bank account because the consequences are so much bigger.

Why do people think Holder wanted to get into state voting systems? 😉 Why do you think elections officials across the country of both dominant political parties were snatching up Diebold machines made by a company owned by the Chavez government?

GIVE CREDIT too to Bev Harris of Black Box Voting who has been leading the charge with her non-partisan activism and activists, who fought electronic voting from before the tainted money post-2000.

Chads are better than bits, but ink is better than chads. If a voter wants his vote to count, let him be responsible for marking his vote clearly.

Representatives from all parties present at every precinct that can send somebody, with police presence upon request by anybody. At closing time and the last vote in, anybody who wants to can watch the counting. Have all precincts post the counts on line, with sign-offs on paper scanned in, so there can be no monkey business like there was in Maine where one county election chair caught the state Republican Party primary results in a really blatant bald-faced big lie on the numbers. Because Ron Paul was the real winner there.


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