Roy Moore’s lawyers fire off the first anti-defamation legal action

Our worst crime ridden neighborhoods still receive police assistance because bad things happen to people who have suspect pasts. Extending your logic, only those you agree with should be believed.

A confusing juxtaposition but according to my logic it’s “innocent until proven guilty”, and “benefit of the doubt”. I’ve known personally real close of false accusations that put a guy in jail for beatings he never did, accused by his girlfriend, who confided the truth to a female relative who is a very close friend of mine. The Duke Lacrosse players went through hell and condemnation on the basis of a false accusation and malicious prosecution by a malicious prosecutor.

I also know from a very close female friend of abuses of her when she was just six years old. If you have a proven rapist or abuser, put me in the front of the line with a nasty whip and see if there’s something left for you.

Pay attention. Back when Jennifer Flowers broke her story in 1992, I was very very skeptical. It sounded dubious. But later on, the MATERIAL evidence of Whitewater, Paula Jones, then Climategate and the semi-“clandestine” airport in Mena, Arkansas for drug smuggling became clear, and then there was NBC execs doing everything possible to muzzle Juanita Broderick, and Swamp Media got into heavy censorship mode. That was then. At least the Jennifer Flowers story was earlier in the election season.

SMH. The Trump accusers have not disappeared. I suggest some research is in order.

I didn’t mean they died, kid, do some straightforward reasoned reading instead of picky picky reading. I didn’t mean any lawsuits were dropped if they were even filed, though I wouldn’t be surprised.

In context, my meaning was they were dropped from Swamp Media. The credibility factor was shot. WP and NYT and other swamp creatures are proven serial liars.

The latest accusers are four women who came forward yesterday. If you are referring to Beverly Young Nelson, she chose to be forthcoming for the very reason you accuse her.

You gotta be more clear, bring over at least a drop of context. I was speaking as general context for these accusations. The worse the offense, the more scrutiny is in order. To make sure you got the facts right first. One innocent guy was recently released after 45 years in prison! Not for nothing an accuser may have reasons to stay anonymous, but there is a cost to credibility with anonymity, BUT not for nothing the Constitution notes that the accused has the right to face the accuser.

If Moore’s credibility is fair game, so is the accusers’. It is a verifiable fact that Clarence Thomas’ accuser was awarded tenure the very same day she publicly said she would testify in his hearings. Just a coincidence of course, a special kind of stupid to think there was anything more than that.
Jim Bakker’s female accuser that was used to break his scandal, that one got a brief and fleeting talk show that was stillborn before it got traction. I never said there was “only” one. Read what I type, not add stuff, or ask.

The same way we can ‘know’ about priest abuse.
Rolling Stone and Duke? The Roman Catholic Church also sued and won cases against broadcasters and publishers claiming that their clergy never sexually abused children. What is your point?
Educated and sane people, that is who. Why did Comey announce a false investigation into Clinton days before the election?

You don’t know until you have the FACTS IN EVIDENCE. Not just accusations. Note that the WP in its first report padded the numbers to add impact on the one egregious accusation.

Now comes Moore’s lawyers initiating the first actions with the first preliminary step in a lawsuit against Alabama Media, aka, for some of the “reports”.

Is the Washington examiner more credible? They joined the Breitbart editors in fabricating and sharing fake stories about a Kenya birth.

I guess the Washington Examiner is no more credible than the town in Kenya that posted a sign proclaiming he was born there, until presumably operatives from the States had them take it down. Or Obama’s grandmother. But I rather believed Michael Savage’s approach was better, because like he said, “It’s too easy to forge a birth certificate”.

Now it comes to light, looking like Hillary Clinton learned her dirty tricks in the campaign from the 2008 Obama primary campaign.

I’m trying to make you upset? Don’t flatter yourself, I’m speaking for the sake of 3rd party readers.

I have a recommendation though. When I come across viewpoints contrary to mine, I do pay attention, even the ones that seem to be credible. I keep my mind open. It took a few Bill Cosby accusers and their accounts to get me to doubt him, in view of an article still fresh in my mind about how women in Los Angeles treat men they think are producers, and based on the testimony of a famous Mexican actress who came to Jesus and quit, but told how filthy the whole industry is and about the casting couch.

And even in the flood coming now of revelations, the accusers admit keeping their mouths about abuse shut for the sake of their careers. The most respectable accusation was from the Italian actress who went straight to police on Weinstein.

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