Prager University suing Google and Youtube for “light” censorship

The censor teams are going after the money. This illustrates why economic freedom is as important as political freedom.

In my opinion the fact that ALL the dominant Internet forums, dominated themselves by the Big Three –Google, Facebook, and Twitter– all lean in one certain direction, invites speculation that there were machinations behind the scenes that coordinate with the Establishment Insider moles in government, or super-governmental.

The pattern of international coordination that is rather obvious by now, that has been moving to merge all the world’s nation-states into one system of “governance”, has infiltrated almost all the various institutions of society, including the Big Six Media companies that own some 90 percent of established media and news sources, and the entertainment industry, manufacturing, services, unions, and not least, academia and information technology companies.

So this is indeed censorship, and it appears that they are giving up on hiding what they’re doing. This is brazen.

But in the end, Reap and Sow.


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