Arms are mostly for defending against a NOT-free state

REMEMBER. The most important reason to protect gun rights is self-defense. And the most important time that weapons (“to bear arms”) are needed for self-defense is so citizens can form well-regulated independent militias when needed to repel tyrannies.

In other words, the “security of a free state” depends on an armed citizenry that can push back against both invasions from abroad, and against domestic tyranny.

Another way to put it is that guns are important for “we the people” to push back against “the government”. The biggest danger today to people in any nation is their centralized national governments.

Shortly #1 before the Holocaust, #2 before the Armenian genocide, #3 before the mass pogroms, mass murders of Christians and the Ukrainian famine, #4 the Cambodian auto-genocide, #5 the mass murder of millions in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, there was gun control and confiscations in Germany, Turkey, Soviet Union, Cambodia, and China.

See The “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership” web site at, and the “Gun Owners of America” web site:


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