Beware: Get your implant psych prep begins…

Ha. An AI implant that can transmit your thoughts to devices to control the house will also include embedded code to transmit CIA thoughts to your mind. or something like that.

Remember the 2016 leak of CIA tools that they put into systems?

For example,a s the leaks show, the CIA regularly puts spybots on computers that do their bidding and then report back and then leave tracks that point to Moscow.

They’re still trying the Hitler method with that Russia meddling tale. If Crony Media had hired Gepetto to make their copy writers and editors, their nose would grow so long youd have to walk around it to go to the other side of the couch in front of the newscast.

Hitler’s propagandists: Tell a lie big enough, loud enough, and long enough, and you eventually get them to believe it.

Hitler got his crowd, but he didn’t go as big as the American behemoth. Last figures I remember hearing was 600 bases in about 150 countries? No wonder we’re bankrupt!




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