Forensics analysis of LV


Fact: And the Facebook post of a survivor who was in the crowd and insisted there were multiple shooters has disappeared. She also died during a four-hour period in which she was at home alone. She had epilepsy. Call her Witness #1 for this post but call her death Coincidence #1.

Fact: Witness who called in to the Michael Savage show said there were multiple shooters. Witness #2.

Fact: Police scanners (transcripts) had police chatter about shooters. Shots from Mandalay Bay, from “Gate 7”. Multiple witnesses reporting shootings at other casinos too. Witness(es) #3.

Fact: Police timeline changed on when the security guard was shot. Police chief video at press conference shows a visibly upset (nervous) guy insisting that the changed timeline is the same as the original (I saw the video clip of his press conference). He refused to answer questions this time. Anomaly #1.

Fact: Campos, the guard who was scheduled to interview in Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News, and reportedly eager to tell his story, sent a message to Hannity just before air time, cancelling.
–Then, he was going to talk to reporters with his union representative present, then “disappeared” as they were exiting the room they were in. Union rep first says he’s clueless. Then later says he was informed he was taken to a “quick clinic”. Witness #4, Anomaly #2.

Fact: Accountant on valium prescriptions several months, in first reports not very knowledgeable of guns,
was slowly increasingly irritable and angry according to the girlfriend, (purportedly) executed a plan over several months, accumulated a small arsenal of weapons, killing some 53 people and injuring more than 500 during a shooting that lasted ten minutes.

Fact: There is a challenge to the FBI (or LVPD) from the acoustic forensics video posted above showing at least one second shooter during the concert event. There are (or were) various video clips available already on Youtube. One may assume that the police collected a number of cell phones for the video evidence they contain. A judge would surely grant a warrant for this.

Fact: The maintenance worker who was on the 32nd floor and waved down by Campos has been interviewed. He corroborated the story that said Campos was already hit several minutes before the rat-a-tat-tat at the crowd began.

Fact: MGM is reporting their dispute with the police version of events as a “difference”. The police chief claimed it was not a difference. (MGM does have a lot to lose in lawsuits)

Fact: Police still claim they have absolutely no idea of what the motive could have been. => But they did know at the very first press conference that they were absolutely sure there was no connection to ISIS or Islamist terrorism.

Fact: It is reported that the killer had no on-line presence at all.

Not a conclusion: I tend to hold believable (so far) that there was no connection to ISIS or Islamist activity. But to pull all this off.

Conclusion: None at all. Just a list of facts.
We know that there are very few journalists are TV news personalities asking the questions one would expect, and their viewers have.


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  1. Safariman Says:

    Whole thing sounds very fishy. What is the real agenda? Who benefits?

  2. trutherator Says:

    The most obvious benefit for some people right now, seems to be that Trump, Congress and the NRA all agree on another step up in gun control laws, with a ban on what they call “bump stocks”.

    I say, self-defense defenders should force them to make the discussion about the 2nd Amendment to where it belongs. The purpose of gun rights is so the populace can defend itself against tyranny from Washington.

    When they start the BS about militia, tell point out that every other piece of the Bill of RIghts recognizes INDIVIDUAL rights and protections against USG rulers.

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