Part of drug legalization should include of course legalization of its distribution and sale. Whether or not it actually reduces drug usage is irrelevant to the most important relevant related points.

(1) It increases government control over individual decisions on consumption.

(2) It increases a very false and dangerous reliance on government mandates on any substances so classified.

(3) It creates moral hazard for little “deciders” in government control bureaucracies to eternally expand on #1 and #2 points.

(4) It gives central governments an excuse to expand its police state infrastructure, and makes incentives to expand this control worldwide. (Witness the arrogance of United States federal prosecutors going after FIFA executives. Did they work with any other relevant governments?)

I found a report on the Web once on 19th century (and into the 20th) cocaine use in the United States from the days before it was criminalized. If memory serves, it acknowledged that apparently cocaine use was indeed more widespread among the general population (percentage wise) than after.

But the above points hold.

Again, I tell everybody around me that I am against mind-altering recreational drug use, even with marijuana. I was a user in college but it make me stupid and hungry, in my opinion. It’s for the same reason I also never get drunk. A clear mind thinks more clearly and intelligently.

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