LewRockwell.com: Death of NFL Inevitable

NFL best players are “taking the knee” with the National Anthem: https://www.lewrockwell.com/political-theatre/death-nfl-inevitable/

Me, I do not like the Star Spangled Banner. A much better option would be “America the Beautiful”, for example.

That said, I would say, stop singing it at sports events. It has become a symbolic pledge of loyalty to the D. C. government and its bellicose military adventurism. Make peace, not war.

That won’t happen. But I tend to agree with John Kass, the Chicago Tribune reporter, whose article is linked to above, that the NFL is slowly dying. It has to do with hits and concussions and long-term damage.

But he may well be aware that the decline in NFL attendance in 2017 and in network viewership, is owed in big part to the importation of political statements to the football games.

Middle America, NASCAR types, far outnumbers leftist types in football fandom.Now the kids will go to baseball and soccer. Maybe in a few years we’ll do a vocabulary switch to the Brit custom of saying “football” for their version, and “American football” for the slam bang concussion sport.

Soccer is dangerous enough already, but the main sport tactic does not consist of slamming into the other guy. Leave that kind of stuff to boxing, other contact sports like wrestling, and well, inevitably, hockey. Although I’d like to see rules in that one. I think players should be liable at least partially for permanent disabling injuries, and maybe temporary ones too.

Make peace not war.

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