Black pastors love KJB – They are not fooled, they love Jesus

I came across a blog post that asked why black pastors generally love the King James Bible. The URL is gone away from me, but here is my reaction to that one. The writer considered it a question, despite its association with the abolitionist movement in England and presumably America. He named historical abolitionists that used King James passages to condemn slavery. He refers to Martin Luther King’s profuse salting of his speeches with scriptures quoted from the King James Bible.

He poses this observation as a question of why because he mixes in mentions of descendants of King James who justified slavery. A tortuous and twisted road to try to plant doubt in the minds of less discerning readers.

The KJB has ZERO blame for slavery. Those teachers that supposedly twisted the KJB scriptures to “justify” slavery are in a league with those who twist it to claim that the son of Sodom was inhospitality, and even seminary professors who claim Genesis One is a veiled Babylonian creation myth.

In fact it is modern per-versions that promote horrible untruths, even using the word “slave” where it rally says “servant”as in the KJB.

Now comes an apparent effort to deceive our black brethren with lies of the Devil about the KJB, even while appearing neutral and pretending a fake concern for our darker skinned brethren.

The truth is, Satan hated the King James Bible. Wherefore by their fruits he shall know them. God is not the author of confusion, and certainly not the author of all this confusion of translations in the English language.

Truth is, almost all the modern translations used lexicon based on the work of Gerard Kittel, who was Hitler’s “Christian” spiritual adviser. That’s why the 20th century translators, educated in Word-challenged divinity schools, put “slave” instead of The proper “servant”.

Forked tongue snakes come to us and question God’s Word, asking “Hath God said”, sowing doubt and confusion.

Be Here and but reject the seeds of doubt. Ask God for the wisdom to discern, and seek out “whether these things be so”.


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