Response to a critic of the “Google memo”

Responses to choice quotes criticizing independent thinker Da More of the “Google memo”…

“Women are as competent as men in math and science…”

I read Mr. DaMore’s complete memo to Google, and in absolutely no place did he ever say, insinuate, or in any other way imply that women cannot produce code or computing work as good as any man, whatsoever. The attempt to put words in his mouth do not help the case for any rebuttal to the memo, rather, provide an example of some of the thought policing made explicit.

“…suggesting there is no native difference between the sexes..”

That there is one of the most ridiculous anti-scientific and obviously wrong statements one can make. Countless studies have shown differences in behavior, inclinations, preferences, innate in the binary sex from birth. These tendencies reflect traditional ideas of the differences. Individual women in history have even led men into battles, including one Deborah in the Bible, and Joan of Arc inspired by divine vision, but this sex role reversal is historically anomalous. IT roles are more amenable to women than hunting with arrows, but there are differences.

Countless double-blind scientific studies have confirmed this obvious fact. An old joke (one that might violate 21st Century International Fascist Thought Police guidelines admittedly) illustrates this: A boy and a girl decided to inspect each other. The boy says, “Ha. I’ve got one of these”. The girl says, “That’s okay. My Mommy told me with one of these, I can have as many of those as I want”. (Cue Gamergate 2.0).

The whole “No Child Left Behind” is a joke, just like all other government “educational” initiatives of the 20th into the 21st centuries, culminating in disciplines nowadays that place political purity in textbooks, workplace and especially political power, over all other reality. This economic poison is what brought the Soviet Union down. It was not Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech, it was the preference in power and industry of lockstep subservience to the “Correct Ideas” (as Mao Tse Tung called them).

What’s next? Mao on Self-Criticism? Mao: “We have the Marxist-Leninist weapon of criticism and self-criticism.”

Beware lest you sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, with Maoist Cultural Revolution 2.0, and its mass murder that make Hitler’s numbers look puny in comparison:

And the irony. The international socialists killed dozens of times more in political Correct Thinking murders than any national socialist could have hoped for. But then Lenin and Stalin also supervised more than 20 million mostly white skinned Europeans. Maybe the same people want a repeat? Is this where the Greenies get the idea of culling the crowd?

I can easily believe that females are beating out males today in academic performance. So just let each one be an individual to choose their own future. I’ve heard that more females are going into law today. If the incoming female freshman doesn’t know that there is no barrier, and that they could even be preferred applicants especially in companies that have a Chief Diversity Officer, or a Chief Compliance Officer, then please put this into your freshmen orientation pamphlets.

It’s been decades that women have not had formal barriers to such disciplines. They are featured all over industry publications all the time and in general publications. Who has not heard of Admiral Grace, Lady Lovelace, and the rest? Add one of my daughters to your list of Masters of Science in Statistics, now practicing. The other daughters could have but decided to go into “softer” sciences and now populating middle-level productive business positions.

I wouldn’t mind that. But mandates are counterproductive to the purported goals. Trying to add incentives and effort to get a desired “balance” in color and gender divert resources and attention from the kind of production that helps the bottom line in private companies, and exacerbates tension among performers, and makes every decision a potential political hot potato.

There is a reason that apparently most Googlers were opposed to the author’s firing.


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